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A reliable and professional Site Supervisor in the specialty of construction, and also in installation, electrical, teletechnical and road branch with many confirmed references from Polish and foreign investors.

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SBS Skibiński Building Structures guarantees confirmed by references as proven site supervision

Relevant licences in the field of construction

Knowledge of construction law and technical and construction regulations

Experience on large investments

Relevant civil liability insurance

SBS Skibiński Building Structures provides

Reliable and professional analysis and assessment of technical, legal and construction issues.

Solving technical, coordination and issues at the construction site.

Detailed scope of investor supervision activities


Checking and taking over construction works that are being covered (reinforcement of the structure before concreting, laying the insulation before applying protective layers, external networks before backfilling, etc.).


Control of compliance of the investment implementation with the project and building permit, regulations and principles of technical knowledge and building art.


Participation in technical tests and acceptance of installations, devices and chimney flues.


Participation in the activities of collecting finished buildings and putting them into use.


Checking and acceptance of disappearing construction works (e.g. reinforcement of elements, ceiling structure).


Checking the quality of works performed and construction products delivered.


Confirmation of works actually carried out and removal of defects and faults.


Conducting coordination meetings or participating in them at the construction site.

Site Supervisor
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SBS Skibiński Building Structures is the member

Site Supervisor

The works on site supervised by SBS Skibiński Building Structures were carried out correctly and in accordance with the art of construction, standards and regulations as well as design documentation. The construction was properly monitored in terms of work organization and health and safety.

The works were carried out properly and in accordance with the principles of building art.

The works were carried out correctly and in accordance with the art of construction. We recommend SBS Skibiński Building Structures as reliable and reliable in the scope of supervision over the implementation of construction contracts.

Site Supervisor

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Poznań, Greater Poland District, Poland


Site Supervision Inspector

Construction manager

Substitute Investor

Project Managment

Technical opinions

Technical Expertise

Technical consultancy


General contracting


American Association of Civil Engineers

Polish Chamber of Civil Engineers

Wielkopolska Chamber of Civil Engineers

Polish Association of Construction Engineers and Technicians

SBS Skibiński Building Structures

A reliable and professional Investor’s Supervision Inspector in the specialty of construction and building as well as in the installation, electrical and road industries, with many confirmed references from Polish and foreign investors.


Site Supervision Inspector

Construction manager